Aiedail is the dragon of the Rider Gedric.


Aiedail is a focused dragon, more than willing to pursue the tasks he is set almost single-mindedly until their completion. This means that he doesn't necessarily find the easiest or the most elegant solution, particularly when it comes to riddles, but he invariably comes upon an answer. Aiedail also has a distinct competetive streak, particularly when it comes to dragonback jousting. None the less, Aiedail is fair and unfailingly respectful to the older and wiser dragons, particularly his former guardian, Cuaroc, and the dragon who released himself and the others, Saphira.


Aiedail was one of the eggs stored in the Vault of Souls, so his coloration and appearance were inferred by Umaroth before his hatching. He is almost pure black, save for a patch of silver scales over his heart. This served as the inspiration for his name. His eyes are golden in color and he is a long, slender and agile dragon.


Aiedail's Rider is Gedric, wielder of the sword Manin and one of the few Riders from the city-state of Teirm.

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