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  • Carnelon, Dragon of Fresya.
  • Parmenion, Dragon of Zann.
  • Gundor, dragon of Thubdra.
  • Hacosta, Dragon of Kakzhog.
  • Opastma, Dragon of Hangton.
  • Kveykva, Rider of Yagzhod.
  • Istalri, Dragon of Dakin.
  • Jandusk, Dragon of Teka.
  • Harta, Dragon of Travor.
  • Firnen, Dragon of Arya.
  • Thorn, Dragon of Murtagh.
  • Saphira, Dragon of Eragon.
  • Gutaera, Dragon of Clupdo.
  • Yaro, Dragon of Ukzhuk.
  • Pollux, Dragon of Vedra.
  • Nisroc, Dragon of CainGo to Nisroc the White
  • Balthamos, Dragon of XaphaniaGo to Balthamos
  • Kergan, Dragon of NoneGo to Kergan the Wild
  • Rorkin, Dragon of Dair.
Draconic Alliance Logo

We are proud members of the Draconic Alliance.

Welcome to the Dragon Riders SchoolEdit

Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings, friends. You have arrived at Fells abr Shur'tugalar, high atop a mountain with you and your dragon. You are learning from Eragon as your dragon learns from Saphira. Occasionaly Arya and Firnen pop in and help, or even less often Murtagh and Thorn. You sometimes go back to visit the people of your race, be it elf, human, dwarf, or Urgal. You go to many classes and learn many things including swordsmanship, the ancient language, lore of the land, and other things, like how to ride proplerly or be chivalrous.

There are a few assistant instructors as well, old pupils that have decided to help train, like Fresya, Travor, and Dakin. They all learned from Eragon first. They teach individual classes in various subjects to help train you to become a rider, such as:

  • Weapons Classes
    • Swordsmanship
    • Spearmanship
    • Axemanship
    • Macemanship
    • Archery
  • Magic Class
  • Lore of Alagaesia Class
  • Mind Class

Their dragons also teach your dragons classes too.

Members of the Draconic Alliance
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