Nisroc is a sarcastic dragon who spends a great deal of his time either hunting to appease his constant hunger or attempting to create and/or solve some riddle. He has razor-tongued wit and can at times be a bit on the rude side. His ambition at this point is to challenge and defeat each of the the current masters in a contest of aerial combat. Nonetheless, he is a fiercely loyal companion to his Rider, Cain, and will go to any lengths to defend him.

Nisroc is an albino dragon, meaning he has white scales and red eyes. He is large for his age and at times misjudges his strength.

Nisroc's Rider is Cain, a human from the city of Narda and wielder of the white katana Wyrda. They spend a good bit of their time together arguing, yet they have a strong sense of camaraderie.