Tallak Bjornsson

Species: Human

Dragon Name:

Dragon Color: Pink

Sword Name: Torbitr (meaning Tor biter)

Hair color: Dark reddish brown

Eye color: Hazel

BIO: Tallak was born in Therinsford to a widower innkeeper named Bjorn Modisson. The inn/tavern he ran was named 'The Drunken Dragon', and it was hardly visited. They were quite poor for most of Tallak's life; however, one day his father brought back a mysterious stone. It was pink and shiny, with a gorgeous lighter pink webbing along the outside. Bjorn supposed it to be a large piece of rose quartz, and, seeing as that gem was rare in Therinsford, they intended to sell it for a hefty sum.

One night, thieves broke into the tavern, planning to steal the stone, which was hidden away in the basement. Thankfully, they were unable to find it, and as Tallak went to check on it, the stone cracked open for him, revealing a pink fledgling dragon inside, who gave him the Gedwey Ignasia on his hand. After Bjorn realized just what this meant for his son, after finding the dragon, he sent him to Fells abr Shur'tugalar, to train as a Rider. The dragon revealed his name to be Fundor, and they formed a strong bond.

When they arrived at the school, an older student named Tor Ulfsson began picking on them, mainly for Fundor's pink color. To quote Tor, "Such a feminine color is unfit for a dragon and Rider! I quiver with trepidation for you at how your enemies will react to such an inane display. Especially of your sword! May as well name that mockery of a Rider's blade 'Daisy' or 'Frock'. Fundor-of-the-rosy-scales my arse! Hah!"

To their dismay, they were placed together, and immediately began a fierce rivalry, with Tallak even naming his sword Torbitr (meaning exactly what it sounds like) to spite his mortal enemy.

APPEARANCE: Tor is a lanky male around 14 years old. He has shaggy auburn hair that falls in his face, and hazel eyes, with olive skin.