This is Travor. He is a dragon rider and a human. His strongest weapon is his mind, although he is pretty good with his sword and not quite as good with his magic as well.

His dragon's name is Harta. She is an awesome dragon and is his best friend. They have not many trips or adventures together, but they have grown very close. She is very good friends with Carnelon and Gutaera as he am friends with their riders, Fresya and Clupdo.

He teaches mind class. He have not done much teaching yet, but he am ready to teach others how to use their mind to successfully attack and defend in a mind battle. His mind is very strong and impenetrable.

His sword's name is Vindr. It stands for air in the ancient language. It is 30 inches long and is very light with a purple color. It is thin and not very wide or broad.

He is originally from Aroughs in the southwest corner of Alagaesia. It was a nice city, but when Travor heard of this place he ditched the Aroughs and came to learn how to become a Dragon Rider. It turned out it was a great idea and it has taught him a lot of valueable lessons