I am starting a new alliance. This alliance shall be for all wikis we can find that are dedicated to topics based on a fantasy book series. An example of this is our own home wiki right here. The wiki cannot directly relate to the series, such as Inheriwiki, which is based on Inheritance, but rather it should be a fanon-type wiki that creates made up things based on a book series, if you get my meaning.

Member Wikis and Statuses

  • Inheritance Roleplay Wiki-- active, needs developement
  • Camp Demigod WIki-- semiactive, needs minimal development

More to come.

Inheritance Roleplay Wiki

This is a wiki based on the Inheritance Series. It is about Eragon's teaching school beyond Alagaesia after the series has finished.

Camp Demigod Wiki

This wiki is based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is about a new, invented camp near Houston, Texas that is rivals with the other camps. It has 50 cabins that the users (campers) can join and be a part of camp activities.


There shall be numerous chairs available to anyone who wants one. They shall have to be voted into that position, however. The chairs are as follows:

  • President
  • Wiki Locator
  • Idea Creator
  • Alliance Developer


It is the job of the president to keep watch over the wikis at a distance, run the alliance, and monitor the other chairs' activity. It is his job to basically oversee the alliance, not one particular wiki. He can edit the wikis, but he also shall be in charge of the alliance blog post, logo, etc.

Wiki Locator

It shall be the Wiki Locator's job to seek out new wikis to have in the alliance. When they find one, they shall send a message to the admin of that wiki and ask them to be in the alliance.

Idea Creator

It shall be the Idea Creator's job to go around each wiki and plant ideas that those wikis could use to grow and flourish. This should preferably be someone who has read most of the book series' that the wikis are based on in the alliance. The ideas they plant are just for those wikis to use, they don't have to use them.

Alliance Developer

It shall be the Alliance Developer's job to be always looking for more ways to get our alliance, and the wikis in it, more known to the wikia world. It shall also be their job to look for more ways to spice up the alliance, like new logos, and other things like that.

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