(This is an RPG for a quest to recover the lost Riders' swords)

Cain looks to all of you, Wyrda at his hip and a white robe on his shoulders. He paces back and forth in a fevered manner and speaks with conviction.

'"Fellow Riders, Majestic Dragons, and Ancient Eldunari, lend me your ears! I am Cain of Narda, son of Roke and one of the newer members of the Shur'turgal. My dragon is Nisroc the White, son of Kastigir the Bronze, he of the one eye. I grew up listening to the stories of the Riders of Old, and yearned to be one of you. I travelled to Illirea, where Nisroc hatched for me, and I was accepted into your Order. I trained under several of you to the greatest of my abilities, hoping to earn your respect. Throughout my training, my love of stories and epics has only increased. The Epic of Eragon Shadeslayer tells of several artifacts in history that were lost during the war between the Forsworn and the Riders, and later on during the Varden's Rising. The Belt of Beloth the Wise and the blades Undbitr, Naegling, and Vrangr were lost. Each of these is an artifact with its own history and a large amount of energy imbided within it. I wish to warrant a quest to recover the Belt and each of these swords. I wish to take three Riders and three dragons with me, besides myself and Nisroc. We shall travel to Dras-Leona, to Gilead, to Doru Areaba, and to Illirea. Who shall go with us? Who is brave enough to venture forth from our sanctuary and reclaim our lost treasures? Who here shall fly with me back to Alagaesia?"

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